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Our Purpose

At Montrose we share a community spirit – the people we work with, their families, carers and support networks are all a part of supporting the goals, choice and outcomes of every person.

Our dedicated professionals, specialists and personal carers bring heart to their work and assist you to live a satisfying, happy life.


Our Mission

Improving the lives of people with a disability


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Charitable Purpose

Montrose is deeply committed to creating, identifying and funding sustainable projects that will provide physical, emotional and social support to people in our community who need our assistance.

These include programs, services and capital projects that provide real benefits to our customers, but are not funded by them or government.

We have a comprehensive process for selecting projects and ensuring they make the best use of our team’s skills and deliver great outcomes for our customers. They are funded through the generous support of our donors and corporate partners to ensure we can continue to provide a range of vital projects each year that meet the changing needs of customers.

If you’d like to know more about our Charitable Purpose projects,  please contact us on 1800 193 362.

Our Values

For us, our values guide who we are and how we keep the Montrose community happy and healthy – our customers, staff, families and community networks.

Informed advice

While our feet are firmly planted, we keep one eye on the horizon. Being aware of what’s coming allows us to plan ahead and help the Montrose community understand, prepare for and take advantage of any opportunities and challenges.

Steadfast focus

A lot has changed in our history. Throughout this shifting landscape we’ve maintained our focus: how we can best help the members of the Montrose community, both individually and as a whole. Times change and needs vary – Montrose stays focused.

Holistic approach

Living a satisfying life means something different for everyone. It can’t be achieved through a single course of action, which is why we work at providing comprehensive support wherever necessary – physical, emotional or social.

Can We Help?

Talk to one of our friendly support staff on:

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