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Services for Adults

Does Montrose work with adults?

Yes we do. Traditionally, Montrose has focused on children and young people but where we have the skills and experience to help, we will! Call us on 1800 193 362 to find out more.

In addition to therapy services for adults, our Lifestyle and Leisure program is specifically aimed at young adults while our Daily Living Support works with people of all ages.

Lifestyle and Leisure

Lifestyle and Leisure is all about you and getting the most out of life. Specially designed for young adults, it’s all about getting out, being active and learning new things.

Build your confidence with one of our skills based programs or join one of our social groups for some fun! Our team have lots of experience working with people with physical disabilities, autism or other additional support needs and can help you get the most out of your choice of activity.

If you would like to find out more, give us a call on 1800 193 362 and ask to speak with someone from the Lifestyle and Leisure Team.

You can find out more here too.

Daily Living Support

Daily Living Support is many things to many people. Our service provides you with a professional Direct Support Worker (DSW) in the location that best meets your needs, for example:

  • Support in your home with personal care & general assistance, the provision of respite care or support with study.
  • Support where you need it such as when attending a sporting event, chores at home, school, TAFE or Uni, going to the movies or out with friends.

How Can We Help?

Daily Living Support can:

  • Enable you to pursue your goals and aspirations
  • Provide essential personal care assistance
  • Support carers and families to find life balance
  • Make sure the fun things in life can be accessed and enjoyed

What does it cost?

The cost of Montrose Daily Living Support may be provided at no direct cost to the customers through our funding arrangements with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services or may be purchased directly through individual funding packages.

Approved funding packages will automatically transition to the NDIS when introduced in your area. The service can be purchased by individuals or organisations.

Why choose Montrose?

Our team of dedicated and experienced Direct Support Workers (DSW) have a wealth of experience in the provision of personal care and community based support.

When using our service you will have access to a Support Coordinator who will work with you to ensure we provide the right DSW for you and your needs.

When using Montrose Daily Living Support you can be assured that your DSW will have current First Aid & CPR certificates, Manual Handling and Child Protection training, appropriate insurances and the backing of an organisation that has been supporting Queenslanders for over 80 years.

Find Out More

Talk to one of the team on 1800 193 362 or contact us here.

Can We Help?

Talk to one of our friendly support staff on:

1800 193 362

Or visit one of our Queensland support centres

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