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Psychology Services


Coping with everyday life experiences is not always easy. Our Psychologists can help with challenges and assist children and teenagers with their mental, emotional, social and behaviour development.

We work with the whole family to provide tailored solutions to help children and young people manage life’s day to day challenges. These may relate to disability or to many other things like dealing with difficult feelings, stress, anger, friendships, self esteem and lots more.

Our Specialised Disability Psychologist Assists With:


A psychologist will make comprehensive assessments of your mental health and well being in order to provide you with recommendations for therapy and treatment and help you understand your own state of mind.

Improving Relationship and Communication Skills

We can help to improve all kinds of family relationships that could be suffering due to a lack of communication, or due to difficult circumstances within relationships.

Managing Mental Health

We can help you to manage anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger and adjustment to disability. We can also provide assistance in stress management and relaxation. We will work with you on developing self-esteem and self-confident to improve your overall mental health.

Parenting Strategies

Our trained psychologists can provide advice and strategies for parents of children with a disability when children present challenging behaviours. Our specialist psychologist can also provide parents with advice to manage sleep difficulties in childhood.

Positive Therapy and Art Therapy

At Montrose, we believe in the power of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Art Therapy to explore challenging emotions and behaviours and improve your psychological wellbeing. We will engage you in these alternative therapies to see what benefits you the most.

Child Psychologists for Learning Disabilities

A child psychologist can assess your child’s learning disabilities. They can also provide an assessment in areas of intelligence, learning, attention deficit/ hyperactivity, executive function difficulties and memory.

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