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Whistleblower Policy

If you have any serious concerns that you wish to raise with or about Montrose that you would like to be treated in confidence, please send us an email using the button below to let us know your concerns.


This policy is intended to encourage any stakeholder to report suspected or actual occurrences of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events, behaviours or practices. A ‘Whistleblower’ function has been established on the organisations website which links directly to the responsible Board member who will undertake an investigation into the matter.



Board, Management, staff, volunteers, clients, family members or other interested parties.



Chair Audit and Risk Management Committee



  • A ‘Whistleblower’ function has been established on the organisations website. Matters may be reported through the website or in writing to the Chair, Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee.
  • Reports will be accepted from any person.
  • In the first instance staff members are encouraged to discuss any concerns with their direct supervisor.
  • If any person wishes to remain anonymous they should forward their concern in writing marked ‘Whistleblower’ to the Darra Head Office address. Alternatively a whistleblower report can be made via our website.
  • Whistleblowers making reports in good faith will not receive any retaliation or retribution for making the report.
  • Whistleblowers who are staff members who make a report which is not in good faith and deemed malicious may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Anyone retaliating against a Whistleblower will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • Matters of a criminal nature e.g. burglary, assault must be immediately reported to the Police.
  • The Chair Audit and Risk Management Committee may delegate investigation of the matter to the CEO or other management staff.
  • Reports must be investigated within 5 working days of the initial report.
  • Whistleblowers must receive a report of the investigation within 1 month of making the report.
  • The identity of the Whistleblower will remain confidential unless the matter requires investigation by law enforcement agencies.

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